So what are we talking about this time? Well we’ve been discussing ‘word of mouth’ in the studio.

But before we get to that, first lets talk about social media. Social media continues to rise, last year more people joined Facebook than the previous 4 years combined! There is more than 100 ‘social media’ websites for us to choose from, the market feels pretty saturated! However with all these potential customers to connect with on social media how do you make your posts, tweets or whatever you shout about make an impact?

Here’s 3 simple steps to follow:

Firstly, don’t post too much about actually selling, you’ll realise that the big Coca-Cola brands out there rarely sell their product on social media, they sell a feeling, a lifestyle, a trend. They subliminally sell us the product. As we aren’t huge brands we need to sell a bit, try have a gap of 6 posts before posting something that overtly promotes your business.

Next, ask questions on social media that’ll start discussions, people love to get involved. Get your customers engaged which should in turn will keep your business in their mind.

Finally, share your expertise, get people hooked on following you, we love learning and if we’re interested we’ll hang around. If you know your product then customers will want to buy from you.

So how does this relate to word of mouth?

Well even in this social media age we live in people still trust word of mouth, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising. As technology continues to try and take over, people are slowly resorting back to the old ways of connecting to businesses, this shouldn’t be forgotten

As I walked around a networking event last week I gave out my business card to a lady I was talking to. She happily yet quite confusingly replied “I know you guys, somehow!”. I was slightly taken back but it was one of the best compliments we’ve had, it reinforced that our brand was a) memorable or b) being talked about. She recalled that it was her friend who had told her about us so I guess it was a mixture of the 2 combined.

So even though contemporary social media is a great advertising tool when used correctly you must remember that word of mouth is still one of the most effective platforms out there, it’s the original social media. Get in touch, get a strong brand and proudly shout about it!