Being creative isn’t just a job, it’s our passion. It isn’t just about making things look pretty, well it may be on the surface but underneath this is theory and thought. The theory and thought may never make it to the surface but the design relies on this to be successful…When I started writing this it was going to link into somehow buying a screen printing press. I think what I was trying to get at was the fact we love being creative. So as almost a hobby and a huge learning curve we bought a screen printing press.

So a quick idea what screen printing actually means. A design is imposed on a screen of fine mesh, with blank parts coated with an impermeable substance. Ink is forced through the mesh by a squeegee and onto your choice of media, in our case t-shirts and paper.

The machine itself is amazing, it’s industry quality and operates nicely. It’s satisfying to create something without having input from a computer. Well the design is created on the computer but the rest is a physical process. However this does lend itself to human error, which leads me onto my next point.

There’s so much to learn! The individual colours of a design each require a screen. Each screen has to line up exactly. Every colour ink has to be made up to match the brand. The ink has to be cured to the correct and for the correct amount of time once it’s on the media. There’s more to list but we’d be here for some time. We are learning fast though, we’ve already got a fair few jobs in.

If you need a small run of t-shirts for uniforms, an event, a club, then get in touch! But back to my starting point, as it’s our passion we’re doing designs off our own, so stay tuned!