Our Ideas Behind The Design… Haxby Town Carnival

So we have decided to start to write a little article titled ‘Our ideas behind the design…’. It won’t be a heavy read, just something light. It hopefully explain how our ideas are formed and give you a better understanding of the workings of Kraken Design.

Our first article is on our recent sponsorship of Haxby Town Carnival. Let us begin by saying we never truly know how long a brand creation will take. It can be a smooth organic process which flows easily from start to finish, or it can be a process which has us ripping our hair out wondering what we are missing.

Luckily Haxby Town Carnival came naturally to us while in the studio. I guess the subconscious reason behind the brand coming so easy was the fact we have always had a connection to Haxby since we were very young. We always like to have a great understanding of a brand before we start the process, whether this is through research or experience. With Haxby Town Carnival we understood the core values we needed to portray.

We kept the feel of the brand simple, fun and interactive, nothing over complicated, just like a carnival. With the carnival being such a hub of movement visually we wanted to capture this in our design, we wanted it to be eye-catching.

Our route was developed by focusing on the Haxby Town crest. We started by extracting the bright bold colours which the crest has, the yellow, green and blue. This also connects to the country behind the most famous carnival, Brazil.

We then designed three elements taking inspiration from Haxby and carnival. The Yorkshire rose to show location of the carnival, the two rivers which flow through Haxby and bunting which symbolises celebration.

The ideas behind our design of Haxby Carnival branding

Accompanying our colour palette and symbols is a custom designed font which would tie in with the brand. This will be used for the headings on media. We designed the font to show it’s overlapping construction therefore symbolising people coming together.

The custom designed font for Haxby Carnival branding

The simple things work the best, and we feel the Haxby Town Carnival brand does just that.

Carnival Sponsorship

Kraken Design Agency announces sponsorship deal with Haxby Town Carnival 2017

The team at Kraken Design Agency will be sponsoring Haxby Town Carnival to promote and raise the profile of the local carnival.

We are proud to be both associated and sponsoring Haxby Carnival in this capacity to both promote and create an online presence for the event. The Carnival will be taking place on Saturday 8th July 2017 at Ethel Ward Playing Fields, Haxby. It is completely free to attend and there will be plenty to do and see. To attend, or for more information.

Visit the website here