The carnival was something like 10 days ago, and we’ve been so busy we forgot to write something about it.

The Haxby carnival went really well, great weather, great turnout, great design. Now we’re not saying the great turnout was directly related to the design but you never know. On a serious note it was nice to give something back to the community we grew up in and were proud to be a part of it.

Our stall was simple to the point, it was all about promotion. Our little tips to prepare for a carnival/ festival/ trade show would be:

/ Attract

Attract the attendee through banners, posters, media which draws them into the stall. Choose a unique theme for your stall which is interesting, fun, and engaging.

/ Research

Research who will be at the show, is it your correct demographic? As this local carnival attracts local businesses which we love to work with it was perfect for us.

/ Goals

Set as many goals as you like. Ours on the day were simple. A) Give away all the free goodie bags B) Get atlas 5 potential leads.

/ Preparation

Bring more than enough business cards and promoting media. Know what you want to say to potential customers. Make the stall look appealing. We would normally say to dress professionally but as this was a village carnival then it’s about looking smart while fitting in with the overall feel of the carnival. Who’d wear a suit to a carnival?!

So what else has been happening in the deep?

It’s an exciting summer for us, we’re getting close to our first birthday and on the lookout for a new studio, as designers I guess it’s important to get the look and feel of the studio correct. There is quite a few candidates in the running.

We’ve had some really cool clients come onboard and we’ve been in discussion about a future project which will hopefully benefit the York design scene as a whole, stay tuned!